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Looking after your pool in Winter is very important! Some people simply let their pool go green and rancid until summer comes around. This is the worst thing you can do for your pool.

Maintaining your pool during the winter months has the following benefits…

The surface of your pool is protected as well as your running equipment.

You’ll save money by not having to pay a pool cleaning business to change your pool from green back to blue.

Your backyard looks attractive and healthy during the winter months and it’s always ready for the mid winter plunges!

What Can You do During Winter to Look after your Pool?

Run your pump for 6 hours per day to keep the water circulating.

Keep your pool free from dirt and debris using your robotic or manual cleaner.

Clear the skimmer and pump basket every week to ensure there is no pressure buildup on the system caused by decreased water flow.

Check your water balance and backwash every two weeks.

Keep the immediate environment around your pool free from pool toys.

Pack up deck chairs, umbrellas etc and store them away out of the weather.

Doing these things will make your winter season stress free and you’ll benefit from a sparkling pool all year round.   Winter is also an ideal time to do any other maintenance or repairs that you might need.