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Are concrete pools hard to look after?

We are asked almost daily which pools are easier to care for... our response is that given the right control units in your pumpshed and a healthy respect for your pool they are all easy to look after. There are three main areas to consider when looking after your...

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How do I prime my pool pump?

Usually at the beginning of your swim season your pump may need to be primed. What is priming? Priming is the act of giving your pump enough water to enable it to start sucking water from the skimmer in your pool and channel it through your filter where it can be...

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How often should I backwash my pool filter?

We handed over another composite liner pool in Oxford in North Canterbury last week. It must have been the wettest day on record with a State of Emergency declared shortly afterwards. Driving to this property we were in passing through water that was sometimes halfway...

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What is a liner pool?

Liner pools are pools that can be inground or out of ground. They generally have a PVC membrane inserted to hold the water. The pool structure itself is typically a galvanised steel panel with a sand or plaster base or a superior fibre reinforced composite panel with...

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How Often Should I Shock Dose My Pool?

We are often asked this question especially by new pool owners. The purpose of shocking your pool is to kill the algae, bacteria and organic compounds. Shocking your pool is mostly undertaken for the following reasons: When the bather load on your pool is at its peak....

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