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Liner pools are pools that can be inground or out of ground. They generally have a PVC membrane inserted to hold the water. The pool structure itself is typically a galvanised steel panel with a sand or plaster base or a superior fibre reinforced composite panel with a strong reinforced concrete base.

The main benefits of a vinyl liner pool are practical. They can be any shape, size and can be built in almost any situation where the land is flat. They are also usually the most cost effective option when compared to other pool construction techniques.

There are two main inground liner pools available in New Zealand. One is NZ manufactured and comes with a galvanised steel wall panel and the other is USA manufactured and comes with a fibre reinforced composite wall panel.

The key differences between the NZ pool and the USA pool is that the USA made structural panels will not rust and breakdown over time. The USA made structure which is a fibre reinforced composite panel combined with structural reinforced concrete can handle any type of corrosive water treatment system such as salt or mineral chlorination. It is also unaffected by ground water and acidic soils.

Liner pools made with metal panels, whether galvanised or stainless steel WILL always rust and breakdown over time due to the corrosive effects of salt water , groundwater or the effects of acidic soil. MORGAN+STONE have repaired and replaced numerous galvanised steel panel pools following the South Island earthquakes.

Always read the fine print in the warranty documents. Liner pools made with steel wall panels and offering lifetime guarantees are voided when salt/mineral chlorinators are used. Check the fine print! This limits your use of some very effective sanitising technology that ensures your pool remains free of algae and harmful bacteria.

MORGAN+STONE offer the only liner pool in New Zealand that is made with fibre reinforced composite panels and that offers a true 25 year guarantee on the structure without restricting your water treatment options.

Call us today if you are considering a vinyl liner pool.