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With summer encroaching on us daily – we have had more than a taste of the weather that is predicted to come this summer!  Perfect weather for those swimming pool dips.

Here are some Swimming Pool trends you may want to consider this year when looking at constructing your new pool or when remodeling existing your pool area.

Water Features – Incorporating ever more custom features in and around your pool.  Spice up your swimming pool area for a fantastic water feature – be it a cascading water fall or fountain. There are numerous ways of incorporating some type of feature in and or around your swimming pool.

Beach Entry into your Swimming Pool – look at incorporating a beach entry to your pool.  Beach entries in the swimming pools extend a lot of ease to the young ones plus they extend the facility to wade for the people who are swimmers.

Incorporating your Spa within the Swimming Pool Area – According to, a growing trend is to “make the hot tub appear ‘invisible’ in the design. These spa beauties are often placed with walkways or steps.

Swimming pools have certainly evolved with time and their designs and styles keep changing and developing with every passing year. You will find that swimming pools now are much more innovative and have more facilities in them than they ever did.