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We are asked almost daily which pools are easier to care for… our response is that given the right control units in your pumpshed and a healthy respect for your pool they are all easy to look after.

There are three main areas to consider when looking after your pool: water clarity, bacteria and algae elimination and pH control.

Water clarity is primarily looked after by your filter and filter media. Any dust or debris in the water reflects light and the more light that is reflected them more opaque your pool water looks. A filter that is sized correctly for your pool combined with the right filter media will reduce the dust and debris that returns to your pool after being filtered.

Bacteria and Algae are killed by using water treatment systems, these can include Salt chlorinators, Mineral chlorinators, Ozone, UV, Ionisers and chlorine dosing machines.

PH control is critical. It is required for maintaining a healthy environment to swim in. This is easy to look after with the installation of an automatic pH control machine. These usually cost as little as $1500 and ensure your pool’s ph is kept at 7.4.