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This is a tough question because there are many factors which go into purchasing, installing and maintaining a new pool. We will explore these three key areas in the next few weeks.

Decision at the Purchase Stage

The decisions you will need to make at the purchase stage that will affect the price include;

1. Would you like Fibreglass or Concrete?

2. What size? It may seem obvious, but the bigger the pool, the more expensive it will be.

3. What colour? I know this seems like a small thing but like painting a house, the right colour swimming pool can make all the difference.

4. Would you like Heating? The addition of heating to your swimming pool can extend your swimming season. Price factors to take into consideration are your location and size of pool. If you have the roof space, and the sunshine, then Solar Heating is the most cost effective form of heating. For those looking for an alternate the new models of electric heaters are quite efficient.

If you are thinking of heating your pool, then you should also think about a good pool cover as it will keep some of the heat in and protects your pool when not in use. You can go with a blanket and roller option, through to automated roller covers, and to the top end hard covers. This comes down to a personal choice as they all do a good job. Regardless of your choice, remember to take your blanket off at least once a week to let your pool breathe.

5. Filtration and Sanitisation? This is the equipment which keeps your pool clean and safe for swimming, and it has come a long way since we were kids; in a time when Dad would mix chlorine in a bucket and poor it in and you could smell it three blocks away. With filtration you have the choice of upgrading from a standard cartridge filter, which has a lot of cleaning maintenance and does an ok job of cleaning your pool, to a sand filter or even higher glass media filter. Both sand and glass filters look similar from the outside, and are less maintenance than cartridge filters. The glass media filters also last longer and clean a finer grade of suspended particles from the water.

With water sanitisers there is a wide range of products on the market with catchy names, basically there are three types; traditional Chlorine, Salt (Sodium or Magnesium) and Chemical Free options (UV, Ionisation or Ozone). When it comes to value for money Magnesium or Mineral Pools are your best option for killing germs in your pool and a high quality water feel. For the tech savvy all of these options can be upgraded to work from an App on your phone!

6. What type of cleaner would you like? Gone are the days of the old creepy crawly and hiring a pool cleaner! These days, why pay a guy when you can get a robot to do the job! Robotic cleaners come in all sizes and price points and can be thought of in the same way as your lawn mower, pop it in, let it do the job, take it out and put it away in the shed. Or you can go top end and have in-floor cleaning, this is not always the right choice depending on the size of your pool or if you are in earthquake prone areas, contact us get the right advice.

In short a pool doesn’t need to be expensive to be great looking and fun for all the family, but if you have a little more to spend and want a pool that balances its own water, cleans itself and takes its own cover on and off, then no matter what your dream a MORGAN+STONE can make it happen for you.

We can also talk to you about financing options, if required.