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Robotic Pool Cleaners are the most exciting innovation to hit the swimming pool market in years! They’ve come a huge way with over 6000 units sold in New Zealand last year alone.

Robotic pool cleaners will save you hours of valuable recreational time and keep your pool clean and ready for use.

Maytronics is a multinational supplier to the pool industry and own and manufacture the brand Dolphin. This  brand is simply one of the best selling cleaners in the world. Another highly respected brand is Zodiac producing the cutting edge VX55 4WD cleaner.

The new robotic cleaners are so good they’ve all but eliminated the need to manually clean your pool. Gone are the days of having to unroll your vacuum hose, plug that into the skimmer basket, connect the vacuum head and stand by the pool vacuuming the debris from the bottom.

Of course you still need to test your water quality and empty your skimmers but as far as the bottom of the pool is concerned… let the new range of robotic pool cleaners take care of everything for you.

Many of our clients simply drop their Dolphin into the pool on a Friday morning to get their pool ready for the weekend. If you want to leave it in the pool all week you can do this as well.

The new cleaners allow you to control them from your smartphone, choosing when and for how long to run. You can even control which direction the cleaner travels by simply tilting your phone.

How Much Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Cost?

Prices vary from approximately $1200 for an entry level model to the top of the line models which cost around $2900. Most of our clients go for the Dolphin M4 and some go for the Zodiac 4WD model.

What Brands Should You Consider Buying?

There are only two main brands worth considering: Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner by Maytronic and the Vortex-Pro Robotic Pool Cleaner by Zodiac.

Both Maytronics and Zodiac are multinational suppliers and manufacturers to the pool industry and are constantly striving to improve their reliability and functionality of there respective product lines.

What Should I look for in a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Wall climbers allow the cleaner to do more work so you don’t.

Does it have multiple motors as this will help it maneuver around your pool.

Plug and play cleaners give you the greatest ease of use.

Large easy to clean filters and canister.

Top of the line cleaners have a storage caddy allowing you to move the unit around with easy. The caddy also protects the cleaning brushes on your machine.

Make sure you only buy a reputable brand and remember you get what you pay for!