How do you manage the Council consents and construction process?

We offer complete Project Management and construction services with our team of competent and qualified staff.

Our aim is to ensure the process of designing and building your new pool is an exciting and enjoyable experience. We take care of council consents, paving, concrete, fencing and planting leaving you to do enjoy the process.

One of our key business goals is for you to feel 100% comfortable recommending us to your closest family and friends.

How do you keep your water clean and healthy?

Keeping your water sparkling clean requires dust, dirt and debris to be removed from the pool as well as the killing of bacteria and algae.
Dust, dirt and debris removal is achieved with skimmers, filters, vacuums and robotic cleaners. We understand the options and can advise you appropriately.
Keeping your water healthy requires your pool to have a neutral pH as well as the elimination of harmful bacteria.
Pool pH or water balance is managed with chemicals. Elimination of harmful bacteria is achieved with Ozone, Salt Water Chlorinators or Mineral Chlorinators.

How do you add attractive lighting to your pool?

Great lighting adds atmosphere and romance to any outdoor setting turning your pool into a dramatic night time feature.
Ensure your lighting solution is considered and you obtain qualified advice for your pool lighting.
The latest LED lights are energy efficient and come in an array of colours. The brands we recommend include remotes giving you added convenience.
So, whether you are after a resort style lighting effect, or bright and inviting, we custom design to suit your needs and space.

How do you make sure your pool is heated and ready for use?

There is nothing more reassuring when swimming than knowing you’re about to leap into a warm pool.
Options for heating your swimming pool include solar heating and reliable energy efficient heatpumps.
We ensure your heating solution is customised for your pool size and local climate guaranteeing constant water temperatures for the swimming season.
Pool covers are essential to compliment your pool with both manual and fully automated hidden options available.

How do you make sure your pool stands out from the rest?

Depending on the pool you select we offer a vast range of premium colours and finishes.
Colours are selected to compliment and enhance the overall look of your pool area.
Talk to us regarding the options available to you.